How can we keep from crying?

What surprises me is that everyone in the world isn’t depressed. How can people keep hearing about global warming, garbage patches, pollution, and the evils of plastic, and not be depressed when they see whole aisles of disposable diapers at the store? Am I the only one who feels utterly hopeless when buying dental floss, wine, and anything else that is going to contribute to the burden of waste, which is to say almost anything? Am I the only one who thinks the only way I can truly make a difference is by not existing and therefore not consuming and therefore not producing tons of waste?

Although the waste is particularly egregious in the facility where I spent the last week, the outside world is only marginally less discouraging. Do most people ever think about where their paper and plastic drink cups will go after they discard them (in the trash or on my lawn)? Why don’t more people give up their cars and use public transit? I can answer that one: Because they would get really depressed if they stopped driving. In fact, my latest bout of depression has lasted off and on for about 10 years, which is to say for about as long as it’s been since I gave up my car. Coincidence?

So maybe there’s a quick fix for my depression, but only if the car I buy is all-electric. After I sell my house, I’ll give it some serious thought. I couldn’t shoulder the responsibility of owning both a house and a car simultaneously.


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