Dear Jimmy

I got an email today from Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia cofounder and spokesperson. I’m not sure how I got on his mailing list. At some time I must have made the mistake of announcing to him that I was giving money to support the Wikimedia Foundation. I didn’t open the email, because I knew that it was a plea for more money.

Jimmy, if you’re reading this, please know that I appreciate all that you and your organizations do. I’m glad that there’s a commercial-free website where I can search for information without being tracked by Google; I’m glad that so many dedicated volunteers have put in so many hours to make it possible. And I’m glad that the MediaWiki software is available for other worthy organizations and people to use.

But here’s the thing, Jimmy: I don’t want anyone sending me pleas for money, or even sending me thanks for money. That’s why I donate to you and other good causes anonymously, using a platform called Network for Good. (Ha! See how I made use of Wikipedia instead of linking directly to the Network for Good website?) Even though it’s gotten all slick and corporate recently, NFG still provides a much-needed service for sociopaths like me.

I wish I had a way to tell you that I’ve sent you a contribution. I could even brag that I gave much more than the cost of a cup of coffee (the amount you suggested on your site today), way more even than the average donation of $15. But sadly I must remain here in obscurity while you continue to think I’m a deadbeat. It’s the price I pay for privacy.

Keep up the good work, Jimmy et al. I hope you rake in plenty of donations from happily identifiable individuals.


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