Who am I kidding?*

*Sometimes grammaticality just looks wrong.

Last night I realized how utterly oblivious I’ve been. Do I seriously think that an employer who doesn’t already have a relationship with me is going to choose me over someone half my age? Sure, there are plenty of elderly folks who continue to work (see, e.g., Hillary Clinton and the Dalai Lama); sometimes people even go back to work in their 70s or 80s after retiring. But those people are known quantities with exemplary employment records. They don’t have checkered pasts, iffy references, and unpleasant personalities.

Really, whom am I trying to kid? Myself obviously, but I’m not falling for it anymore. Of course I make that same vow every time I try unsuccessfully to get hired, and then a few weeks later I get right back up on that horse and ride into the fray. This time I mean it though. I’m putting the horse back in the barn (which, a horseman told me recently, is a terrible place to keep a horse, which just shows what an unpleasant person I am).


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