I’m from your body and I’m here to help

It’s perfectly normal to feel anxious about upcoming events, so maybe these unpleasant physical sensations, mixed with feelings of confusion, inadequacy, and impending doom, are merely symptoms of pre-interview performance anxiety. But what if, in fact, I’m feeling this way because of a mostly subconscious understanding that it would be idiotic to take that job?

Every day I get these somatic and cognitive messages that I’m hopelessly unfit to interpret. Do the pangs of regret, compassion, anger, or indigestion have any real meaning, or should I continue to ignore them, just as I do my randomly generated dreams? How do people ever know what they really feel, as opposed to what they’ve been manipulated or hoodwinked into feeling?

I think that I strongly feel the need for feline company in my home, but maybe I’m just missing my late, lamented cat, or maybe I’m just jealous of people who still have theirs.

I think that I really want to have a car again, but maybe what I really miss is other aspects of my life and self that I lost around the same time I gave up my car.

I think that I want to have a (semi)regular job, but maybe I really just want to feel that I belong somewhere.

Trust your intuition and your instincts, people say. But how do these self-described intuitive folks discern the signal from the noise?


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